Gunite Construction

Raleigh, NC Swimming Pool Contractor

Hands-On Pool Builder, Jim Hinson Jim Hinson is North Carolina’s premier, “hands on”, gunite swimming pool builder. 

Jim personally involves himself in and throughout every inground pool installation. He converses with all his clients during the entire construction process to assure they receive what they want. 

To give you a better understanding of all the steps and processes involve with an in the ground swimming pool installation, view our construction photo gallery from start to finish. These photos cover all the steps required to create your custom gunite (plaster/cement) inground pool.



The building of an inground gunite pool from start to finish.

[img src=]25130Clearing Lot
Starts with tree removal.
[img src=]10400Clearing Lot
Then stump removal.
[img src=]8660Clearing Lot
And, more stump removal.
[img src=]7670Digging & Excavating
Hole digging begins.
[img src=]8120Digging & Excavating
And grading.
[img src=]6530Digging & Excavating
And debris removal and leveling.
[img src=]6730Digging & Excavating
Leveling the entire back area where the pool will be installed.
[img src=]5850Digging & Excavating
Nearly all leveled out.
[img src=]6620Staking Out
The eventual pool is staked out.
[img src=]6100Heavy Equipment on the Ready
[img src=]7120Initial Plumbing
Early plumbing being laid out.
[img src=]7220Retianing Wall & Staking
[img src=]6640Alt View of Staking
[img src=]6900Retianing Wall & Staking
Another view of prepared area.
[img src=]6990Digging & Excavating
Pool hole digging now begins in earnest.
[img src=]6260Digging & Excavating
Progress being made.
[img src=]7120Digging & Excavating
In ground pool form nearly complete.
[img src=]7190
[img src=]6850
[img src=]7440
[img src=]7610
[img src=]7730
[img src=]6980
[img src=]7770
[img src=]6830
[img src=]6340
[img src=]7380
[img src=]5760
[img src=]5790
[img src=]6300
[img src=]6480
[img src=]6470
[img src=]6160
[img src=]5950
[img src=]5890
[img src=]5600
[img src=]5520
[img src=]5850
[img src=]6110
[img src=]5990
[img src=]5700
[img src=]5390
[img src=]5140
[img src=]5720
[img src=]5220
[img src=]5620
[img src=]5730
[img src=]5280
[img src=]5210
[img src=]6020
[img src=]6080Back Camera
[img src=]6370Back Camera
[img src=]6000Back Camera
[img src=]5590Back Camera
[img src=]6250Back Camera
[img src=]8130Pool Completed

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New Inground Pool Construction

Since our inception, Jim Hinson Pools has been committed to one simple philosophy. Exceed our customers’ expectations by building the very best pool in the industry.


Installation Overview

Design: Jim takes pride in our design process. We listen to you, analyze your needs, and customize a design that fits your lifestyle. This process ensures that every Jim Hinson Pool will be a unique and individual reflection of your tastes.

Construction: Jim is present on every job site personally overseeing the work completed and uses only the highest quality subcontractors. With over 37 years experience in the industry, we can educate you on every construction technique and equipment package the industry has to offer. View the above photo gallery to check out our construction process.

Service: Jim ensures complete customer satisfaction before any project is considered complete. People throughout North Carolina have experienced the quality and commitment to service offered by Jim Hinson Pools. A pool buying experience should be an enjoyable one, so our goal is simple; do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.


Construction Phases

There are essentially three phases to every custom built in the ground pool installations.


Phase I

  • Design & Contract
  • Permitting & HOA
  • Material Selection
  • Stakeout


Phase II

  • Dig & Excavation
  • Steel Installation
  • Rough Plumbing
  • Gunite Installation
  • Equipment Set & Final Plumbing
  • Electrical & Master Plumbing


Phase III

  • Tiling, Stone & Coping Installation
  • Accessory, Stamped Concrete & Decking Installation
  • Finishing and Pool Filling
  • Start Up & Customer Walk-Throughs

Pool Construction Equipment

Thank you for considering Jim Hinson Pools for your custom inground swimming pool builder, whether it’s your first pool or your dream pool. Jim guarantees satisfaction! Ask him for his numerous references from happy customers.